The Benefits of Instructing Alternative Costs

Alternative Costs

Higher average recovery in receiving party cases

We have a diverse caseload that enables us to analyse trends and ensure you are obtaining the maximum rates that market conditions will allow.

Lower average outlay in paying party cases

Our use of negotiation tactics and our retained data enables us to minimise liability in these

Cost effective Service

Why employ a member of staff in-house when you are able to only pay for the work done by an external Costs Lawyer?

Free up time to devote to more profitable work

Avoid fee earners putting costs actions aside to deal with live caseloads. You can rely on us to proactively progress all your costs matters.

Expert knowledge in an increasingly specialised field

We will always offer practical but pragmatic advice utilising our specialist knowledge of likely
outcomes at court. We are experts in the field of Legal Costs and are able to keep up to date with the ever-changing landscape.

Assistance and representation for costs budgets

Given the huge importance of Costs Budgets in present day litigation, we ensure that they are dealt with accurately and efficiently. We will also endeavour to deal with extremely urgent costs budgets to protect your income.

Enables you to take informed decisions based on expert advice

Be on an even footing with your opponent who will often utilise their own Costs Lawyers.

Monitor progress and stay informed

Our clients can have access to our online portal to monitor performance on request and our bespoke costs management system enables us to provide tailored, in-depth, reports to our clients’ individual requirements.

Free ad hoc advice at critical junctures of ongoing cases

Helpful advice available by telephone and email to ensure correct decisions made that will not jeopardise your costs at a later date.