Fees & Tailored Services

Alternative Costs

At Alternative Costs we understand that each firm’s requirements are different and, on that basis, we offer a number of ‘ready-made’ charging structures that will fit in with most business models. Whilst these are established charging structures currently in use we are willing to discuss alternative arrangements should new clients require this. A brief synopsis of each structure is listed below:

Paying Party Costs

Reduction Percentage: Under this structure the charge is based upon the reduction achieved and as such you can ensure you are getting the maximum value possible from our negotiation efforts. This fee is for the negotiation and any additional chargeable work required is done at an agreed hourly rate.

Time Recorded Work: Only pay for the work actually done on any case. Utilising our bespoke case management system, we will accurately record time spent working on your file and only charge you for work done on an agreed hourly rate basis.

Receiving Party Costs

Fixed Fee: Based on costs negotiated by way of an informal schedule. For the preparation of an informal schedule and negotiation of costs we will charge a fixed amount based on the level of profit costs recovered. Any additional work such as bill drafting and advocacy is charged out at an agreed hourly rate and recovered from the paying party.

Costs Neutral Service: This charging structure is based on costs negotiated by way of a formal bill. For the preparation of a formal bill and negotiation of costs we charge an agreed hourly rate for the bill and any additional work such as Replies to Points of Dispute, Advocacy etc. Our fees are then limited to the amount recovered from the paying party upon settlement of costs resulting in no additional cost to you.

Final increase service: This negotiation service is provided for firms who wish to deal with their costs in house but want to ensure they have achieved maximum value prior to settlement. At the end of negotiation when you are considering settlement we will endeavour to secure one final increase prior to settlement. If no increase is achieved then no charge will apply; if an increased is achieved, Alternative Costs will charge an agreed percentage of the increase obtained.

Individual Instructions

Hourly Rate: We are happy to deal with individual instructions on an item by item basis charged by way of an agreed hourly rate for anything from Cost Budgeting to Bill Drafting and Advocacy.